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Please note that payment is expected within 48 hours of the invoice.
You will then get a reminder and have 24 hours to reply.

I will use the Brickowl order tracking system to keep you informed of the status of your order, please refer to your Orders Placed screen.

I only ship to the address listed on your Brickowl or Paypal address.

Shipping charges will vary depending upon the size and weight of the parcel, location of delivery, and special requirements (eg.- overnight deliveries).

Whether new or used, ALL  of The Unique Piece's  parts and sets are handled with extreme care. All new parts in our inventory are either from unopened sorted out sealed Lego factory sets or from the Pick-a-brick site from the Lego website.  

All used parts are from personally opened collections or from purchased second hand users.  All pieces have been cleaned and stored properly prior to making them available for sale to you, the avid Lego fan. All scratches, blemishes, or irregularities in color are minimal or none. If the product is not good enough for my personal collection then it is not good enough for sale on our Brickowl store.

Our inventory is not perfect. If any of the parts you ordered are not available, we will notify you via Brinkowl messaging hand will, of course, offer credit for the missing parts. If the missing part was the reason for the order, we will gladly cancel the order with no hard feelings to allow you to purchase the part from another store.

All parts are packed in zip-locked bags with larger quantity pieces packed separately (eg- 25 piece lots). The entire order is sent in a bubble-mailer envelope or cardboard box depending upon items purchased.  All items will be shipped avoiding any damage by the shipping company.

All sets are sold sealed and brand new. any damage or broken seals will be listed in the set. We do not sell used sets, only brand new in the box, 

Please note full refunds will only be available in exceptional cases, such as sending out completely the wrong items. My normal policy is to replace any problem items or offer a partial refund. If it comes to returning an entire shipment for a major reason I will pay return postage only. I'm sorry to have to write this but experience has proved costly.